community of linville falls

There is only a stop sign in the Village of Linville Falls. So you can be sure that there are not a lot of traffic issues around here,  We usually create our own nightlife which usually consists of campfires around the cottages, music on the deck at Spears, or heading down to Wiseman’s View to search for one of the South’s most written about mysteries...the Brown Mountain Lights, one of North Carolina’s most famous legends.

Since the German engineer, Gerard Will de Brahm, recorded the mysterious lights here in 1771, thousands of scientist, UFO buffs, and just ordinary people have been showing up here to take a look .Google Brown Mountain Lights on the web or check out X-Project-Paranormal Magazine and you will see how interesting it is. Better yet, come on up to LInville Falls, bring your flashlight and maybe you will get to see them for yourself!

Our community is a close knit group of family and friends.  You will see them most Friday evenings in our restaurant, at the Linville Falls Post Office across the street, or working on the flower bed in the median at the stop sign.  They will welcome you to Linville Falls Community Church, share their stories and of course share a beer at the bar.

It is about 13 miles to a full-fledged grocery story and about 20 miles to major outlet shopping in Blowing Rock.  But, you can travel the Blue Ridge Parkway to get there, so who cares!  You can browse through Wendy’s shop across the street from the Lodge and find antiques, collectibles, and yes, some junk.  Admit it, we all like someone else’s junk!

The Linville Falls Post Office, in the picture to the right, is right across the street from the Lodge.  The Linville Falls Church is about fifty steps away and is a pleasant walk on Sunday mornings, 

The Cannon Memorial Hospital is about 12 miles north and provides excellent health care should you have an emergency.  In addition, the Spruce Pine Hospital is about 13 miles away in Spruce Pine.  We are only an hour of Asheville, home of some of the best health care in the nation. 


Traffic Jams - No Sir